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Port-Log.net Wave Spectra

We're going to Oceanology International! Come see us on stand N125

OceanWise will be attending OI2016 (Stand N125) to showcase the latest developments in its Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing (EDSP) and Enterprise GIS solutions. Demonstrating how good data management underpins all our solutions to reduce risks within your business. Port-Log.net centrally manages your Environmental Monitoring data and makes it available online for easy access. New functionality includes comprehensive analysis of complex datasets e.g. waves and acoustic current data and warehousing for long-term historical archive and analysis. Our Enterprise GIS and Productivity tools are increasingly being used to streamline many of your day-to-day workflows and giving new insights on existing data.

OceanWise DEM off Welsh shore

Query depth values of the OceanWise DEM online? Not a problem.

Used to using web services? OceanWise have added the ability to click and query its DEM model by utilising the capabilities of “WCS”… Providing web mapping services using "WCS" (Web Coverage Services) offers a number of advantages over traditional "WMS" (Web Map Services) and "TMS" (Tile Map Services) for gridded data. Rather than a map image being supplied to the client, the actual dataset including all original properties is transferred meaning that analysis, extraction and interpretation of the data are all possible within the client software. It is interesting to note how the depth values vary across the different products; this is due to different sources being used within each product, which affects the quality, resolution and age of the data. Additionally, differing gridding algorithms used to create the products can generate different results. We believe showing all values illustrates why it is important to be aware of the source and reliability of your data.
Try out our click and extract demo where you can retrieve DEM depth data anywhere in the map by simply clicking on it!

Scenic view of the Dominican Republic

OceanWise takes the Dominican Republic by ‘Storm’

OceanWise staff have recently been working in the Dominican Republic helping local company Geomedicion install a combined wind, wave and tide system. The system is connected to Port-Log.net and provides real-time information in support of vessel operations. It has been installed on the end of the jetty used to import raw materials for the primary energy generation plant on the island.

The system comprises a Valeport directional wave recorder, Valeport VRS20 radar sensor and the Gill Instruments weather sensor. The sensors are controlled by an ip.buffer smart telemetry modem, from OceanWise, that logs the data and transmits it back to the Port-Log.net server. The VTS operators and ships crews can then view the current situation on the jetty to decide whether the conditions are suitable for berthing etc. OceanWise has been working in partnership with local firm Geomedicion through the process of design, configuration and installation on-site. Geomedicion provided a local dive team to install sensors on the seabed.

A critical time for the client will be during the notorious hurricane season and will test the sensors to their full capabilities. If you'd like to demo Port-Log.net follow the link below!

Diagram of A-SenS project

ESA Funded A-SeNS enables Port-Log Data to be captured by Satellites

OceanWise are collaborating with exactEarth on the A-SeNS project to share environmental monitoring data using AIS. Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a tracking system used by ships and vessel traffic services for identifying and locating vessels. As well as vessel location, speed and direction, AIS is capable of handling environmental data such as wind speed, direction and tide height. The A-SeNS project extends OceanWise’s Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing capability by enabling data captured by monitoring stations and managed in Port-Log.net to be transmitted via an AIS transceiver. The project involves adding new software to OceanWise’s Smart Telemetry Unit, which saves space and power in a fully integrated system. The software packages the data according to the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) TideMet specification and allows the data to be received locally by vessels as well as by the exactEarth satellites. The data can then be shared more widely for navigation, survey and other maritime operations.

Robert War present at IHO Working Group

OceanWise provides input to IHO MSDI Working Group

IHO President, Robert Ward, called on all Hydrographic Offices to respond positively to the development of national and regional Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). The call was delivered during the Open Forum Day of the 7th Annual IHO Marine SDI Working Group hosted by the Japanese Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department in Tokyo. OceanWise provides the Secretariat to the Working Group and also attended as Expert Contributor.

The IHO MSDI Working Group annual meeting comprises Open Forum and Demonstration Sessions, plus three days’ of Working Group meetings. These meetings generated debate and outcomes on a host of topics including the development of a conceptual model for Marine SDI in collaboration with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and technical input to the UN’s initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management. An underlying theme was how the IHO can assist Hydrographic Offices engage in Spatial Data Infrastructure, thus building on recent successes including in many parts of East Asia where Marine SDI is a relatively new concept. Acknowledging the increasing role of hydrographic data in wider marine and maritime applications was highlighted as an important part of this process, as was the role of OceanWise having provided support to the East Asia Hydrographic Commission over the past four years.

OceanWise remains a pivotal player in this global debate enabling us to provide ongoing training and capacity building to Hydrographic Offices and other maritime based organisations wishing to update their workflows toward a more ‘data centric’ approach, and improve their data governance and management processes generally.

George working at his desk

Congratulations to George for completing his IT Apprenticeship!

Our Apprentice George Wright has successfully completed his IT User Level 3 Apprenticeship and is now a qualified Information Systems Developer for OceanWise. He has proved a great asset to the OceanWise team with his quick learning, adaptability and willingness to get stuck into whatever we give him. George is not afraid of a challenge and will be given plenty more! Caroline Levey, Operations Manager at OceanWise said “We were quite nervous of taking on an Apprentice, not knowing how a young person would fit into our experienced team, but we are extremely proud of George’s achievements and very happy that he has decided to stay on and continue his development with us”.

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