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Directional Wave Spectra Presented on Port-Log

Advanced Waves Processing & Display now in Port-Log

Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed new tabs appearing on OceanWise's Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing platform, We have been working hard to improve the way wave data is processed and displayed. New graphics include directional and non-directional wave spectra, as well as time series and tabular displays of key  […]

Data Management and GIS Workshop

Data Management & GIS Workshop

We are hosting our free-to-attend Autumn Marine Data Management and GIS Workshop in London on Tuesday 22nd November at the School of Economic Science, 11 Mandeville Place, London W1U 3AJ. The workshop theme: “Is poor data management putting your operations at risk” is timely given the huge increase in the volume of geospatial and business  […]

Team News

We are pleased to welcome two starters to the OceanWise Team this month, James Rapaport, who joins our Technical Team as Senior Information Systems Developer and, Will Girard, who joins our Customer Service Team as Business Administration Apprentice.  

James has joined us from Caris, based in New Brunswick, Canada, having previously worked with the OceanWise  […]

iCoast: The place to go before you visit Dorset

iCoast - The place to go before you visit Dorset's spectacular coastline

We are co-sponsoring the further development of the iCoast public website in conjunction with the Dorset Coastal Forum. Originally developed as part of an EU project in 2013 with OceanWise's digital mapping data, elevation model and tidal data at its core, it is now being updated to ensure it is fit for purpose for the  […]

Towards an AIS Vessel Track Overlay

AIS Vessel Tracking coming to Port-Log

As part of our Automatic Identification System (AIS) development strategy, we have been trialling an AIS base station to test the reliability of the vessel track and other information collected. The receiver connects directly to a network and reliably supplies live AIS data via a built-in Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or User Datagram Protocol (UDP)  […]

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