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New OceanWise Website Launched

The all-new OceanWise website was launched in late November, providing more convenient access to our key areas of operation and customer support with logical links to related products, services and solutions. Other improvements include more useful information on our distributors and extended download facilities for both data and marketing material. Heavier usage of the site is encouraging.

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OceanWise Supports Meso-American and Caribbean Hydro Community

ALTAIR shipOceanWise recently participated in both the 2nd Mexican Hydrographic Convention and the 15th meeting of the Meso-American and Caribbean Hydrographic Commission (MACHC) of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) hosted by the Mexican Navy Hydrographic Department at its Oceanographic Institute for the Pacific Region in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.

OceanWise Director, John Pepper, also presented a paper to the Hydrographic Convention on the ‘Wider Use and Utility of Hydrographic Data’. The paper supports the IHO’s vision that “Hydrography is much more than charting”, a view initially championed by OceanWise personnel that is now gaining importance and backing on a worldwide basis.

OceanWise also hosted a Data Management Workshop for MACHC Associate Member States as part of the IHO’s Regional Capacity Building Programme. The workshop took place on the Mexican Navy survey vessel “ALTAIR”. Attendees from countries across the Caribbean and Central America heard about how, by adopting data management best practice, the development of an enterprise or regional Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) is a vital pre-requisite to developing a hydrographic capability in their countries. Such was the enthusiasm shown by attendees for the subjects covered that further training activities are now planned in the region in 2015-16.

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Marine GIS Workshop Hailed a Great Success

OceanWise recently hosted over 80 people at our 2014 Marine GIS Workshop in mid-November, London. The free-to-attend event, themed “the innovative use of GIS as a powerful toolset to achieve best practice” was attended by a record number of delegates.

Highlights included laying down a challenge to the marine scientific community to consider ”linking” marine data by using the “six degrees of separation” paradigm and in doing so build on the good work already done with “open” data in the UK.

Other demonstrations showed how sharing and publishing real-time data online is capturing the imagination of hydrographic and oceanographic stakeholders whilst ‘Peel Ports Clydeport’ explained how in a real life situation, with video streams, they were able to safely tow a large bulk carrier, damaged offshore in a storm, into the River Clyde using port Electronic Navigational Charts (pENCs) created by Clydeport for Portable Pilot Units (PPUs) using software and expertise provided by OceanWise.

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OceanWise Welcomes New Staff Members to the Team

At the beginning of November, 2014, Richard Marlow joined the OceanWise team from Fugro EMU as a Senior Information Systems Developer. He is focusing on further developing our GIS capabilities both internally and externally. Over time he will be extending our portfolio of Data Products to increase geographic coverage across Europe and farther afield. George Wright also joined at this time as an Information Systems Apprentice. George will be developing his skills in Marine GIS and in the use of IT across the marine sector as part of his learning programme. Dr David Morris also joined the team later in November as our Data Management Consultant. Working part-time, he is redeveloping and delivering our Data Policy, Strategy and Management Systems portfolio. Along with this he will also be aiming to improve our advisory and training services to UK and overseas marine data managers and publishers.

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Marine Themes Feature Catalogue

Marine Themes Online Feature Catalogue

Alongside the launch of our new website we have released an online Feature Catalogue for our Marine Themes Vector data. You can now view details of all Features used in our Vector products including how the feature will look in the product (when you use our supplied symbology) and what it would look like in real life (where possible). It also lists the attributes found on each feature and their associated definitions and a description of each Theme that the feature belongs too. We will also be adding more comprehensive metadata files which will be available from the Downloads section of the website.

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Chart Table

Chart Table has New Meaning

This bar table caught the eye in the Officers Mess at the Oceanographic Institute – Pacific Coast in Manzanillo, Mexico.

Whilst you would struggle to navigate a ship using it, it does allow for the safe passage of beer from the glass to the stomach!

Marine Themes Updates

OceanWise will shortly be releasing new versions of our Marine Themes product. Updated with the latest data and processed to remove all chart boundaries, this is a comprehensive product for practical use in all desktop and web based GIS software. Over the next few weeks we will be adding some new overseas areas including French Territories and a demonstration area of Canadian Waters. Looking further ahead we will be upgrading our Elevation  theme layer to provide more accurate and higher resolution contours and depth areas later in the year.

OceanWise Submits Additional UK Survey Data to EMODNet

Crown Copyright © 2014, Licence No EK001. Not to be used for navigationOceanWise has successfully delivered 1,970 additional processed survey datasets to the EMODNet Hydrography Portal, updating and extending the coverage within UK and adjecent waters. The process involved updating the CDI (discovery metadata format) specification as well as delivering a new capability to export gridded data directly into binary NetCDF (DTM) format used by EMODNet partners.

The latest version of the EMODNet DTM has increased resolution, from ¼ arc minute to ⅛ arc minute, resulting in four-fold increase in data volume. The outcome is a finer, smoother grid that shows the high resolution bathymetry data far better than in previous iterations.
OceanWise uses its in-house software capability to manage and process in excess of 1.88 billion survey points into accurate and useable grids.  Overlapping surveys are “deconflicted” using formulae devised by OceanWise to determine survey priority and to configure rules for survey boundary definition and selection.  Survey points are filtered using a weighted averaging algorithm to assign the most appropriate value to the each grid cell. The grid is then stored within a 3D array that included statistics, confidence, and cell specific reference to the CDI metadata, so that data provenance is maintained from source to product. The EMODNet DTM grid was exported in 2 arc degree squares (approx. 120nm square) tiles to ensure the data could be easily managed in the future.  Higher (or lower) resoluion DTMs and projected DTMs of different tile sizes can be exported as required. 

The latest version of the EMODNet DTM has been created using the same technology used to create OceanWise's commercially available high resolution 1 arc second DTM details of which are available on the OceanWise website.
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OceanWise Supports Seatronics Technology Days in Middle East

Al Bandar MarinaOceanWise recently participated in a two-day technical demonstration event held at the Ornina Restaurant, on Al Bandar Marina in Abu Dhabi on 5th & 6th November; this event was sponsored by Seatronics. The event was well attended with an excess of 100 visitors, from 37 different companies, attending over the two days. We were kept very busy with visitors expressing great interest in our Real-time web-based Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing service, which you can see a demo of here.

This service was demonstrated using a multi-sensor, solar powered installation in the marina which continuously recorded live tidal, current, meteorological, conductivity, temperature and depth data. This data was simultaneously being visualised on-screen to visitors, real-time, through our web application. As a result of this successful event, we have further raised our profile in the UAE and obtained some new customers! A thank you to our distributors, Seatronics for hosting two extremely enjoyable days in the winter sun!

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